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Diamond Hills Pre-School Trivia Night

Hello Everyone,Vicki Caravias here. As part of our GT & Community program, I am delighted to inform you that Guava Tea is a minor sponsor for Diamond Hills Pre-School Trivia Night to be held at the Greensborough RSL, 111 Main Street, Greensborough on Saturday 19 August 2017. Come along and have some fun at the [...]

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Video: How to Make Guava Tea?

Hello Everyone,Vicki Caravias here. We created a short video demonstrating how to drink guava tea. Helen, our Social Media Content Co-ordinator featured in this video. So, you may ask, when is the best time to drink guava tea? Drink it immediately after your meal will serve the best result. One tea bag can be used to [...]

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Status Update: How Intermittent Fasting Change My Life?

Hello Everyone, Vicki Caravias here. Almost two years ago I started Intermittent Fasting after reading Michael Mosley's book "The Fast Diet". Intermittent fasting is having a “fasting” window and a “feeding” window. You can fast for a shorter period daily or a longer period once or twice a week. Initially I was fasting twice [...]

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Find a Guava Tea Distributor - Daniel Johann

Hello everyone,Vicki Caravias here.Our wholesale distributors supply Guava Tea to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores and school canteens and various other businesses.Daniel Johann is your local wholesale distributor supplying guava tea to the Eastern Municipalities & Their Suburbs of Melbourne. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to [...]

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YHA Bushwalking Club: Kinglake National Park Silver Creek Circuit Walk

Hello everyone, Vicki Caravias here.I am gearing up to walk 13km Kinglake National Park Silver Creek Circuit Walk on Sunday 16 July 2017 with the YHA Bushwalking Club.Silver Creek Buffer Zone is a part of the Wallaby Creek Water Supply Catchment Area where the management plan provided for construction of marked walking trails. The Wallaby [...]

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How to Lose Weight Drinking Guava Tea?

Hello everyone, Vicki Caravias here.Last week I received an email from Helen who informs me that she has lost 3kgs since drinking guava tea over the last 6 weeks.Drinking guava tea can assist with weight loss by preventing complex starches that are consumed from being converted into sugars. The transition of carbohydrates to usable compounds [...]

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Book: I Quit Sugar for Life

Hello Everyone, Vicki Caravias here.I would like to share with you a book I've been reading written by Sarah Wilson.Sarah she helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide kick the habit. Drawing on extensive research and her own tried-and-tested methods, she's designed 148 sugar free recipes that maximise nutrition and bring everything back to [...]

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National Diabetes Week 2017

9-15 July 2017Hello Everyone,Vicki Caravias here. As a Type 2 diabetic and a member of Diabetes Victoria, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve my health and wellbeing. National Diabetes Week is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about all types of diabetes and how this condition affects Australians. Every day, [...]

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Announcing Our New Guava Tea Bulk Pack

Hello everyone,Vicki Caravias here.I am delighted to announce that this month we have launched our new Guava Tea Bulk Pack. This Bulk Pack contains 100 tea bags and if used as suggested, will last more than 4 months. Our tea bags are made from 100% Guava Leaves. Fresh natural young guava leaves are picked for [...]

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8 Reasons to Volunteer Your Time to Your Local Community

Hello everyone,Vicki Caravias here.I have volunteered and helped out a good number of professional, sporting and community groups over the years; up till now I have never really questioned why I do it. I guess it’s just the drive to contribute and make a difference. Now with my 10 year stint as the Secretary [...]

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