Guava Tea Free Trial

Guava Tea Free Trial

Posted by Vicki Caravias on 21st May 2017

Hello Everyone,

Vicki Caravias here.

We don’t want to sell a product, we want to help our customers improve their health and wellbeing in a natural way whilst enjoying the great health benefits of our guava tea.

The 7 Guava Tea Health Benefits are:

Guava Tea Free Trial

  1. lowering blood glucose levels;
  2. weight loss;
  3. lowering cholesterol levels;
  4. lowering blood pressure;
  5. digestive health;
  6. cardiovascular health;
  7. hair loss.

So, Guava Tea is offering a FREE TRIAL of our Guava Tea so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Once you subscribe to our Free Trial, you will receive 3 guava tea bags, individually sealed in foil to ensure maximum goodness.